Hermes Falcao Jr.

is a dynamic revivalist that God has raised in this generation. Born in Brazil, Hermes started preaching at the age of 16 and has now taken the Gospel to several nations. Signs and wonders have followed the preaching of the Word with a great outpouring of the Holy Spirit, many salvations, and amazing miracles. His message has awakened faith in people’s hearts and thousands have been influenced to pursue a deeper relationship with God as people are touched by the Lord.

In his education Hermes holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication through Florida Gulf Coast University and has graduated seminary at the International Miracle Institute out of Pensacola, FL. Hermes has been featured on several TV and radio programs in different countries where he has been interviewed and preached the Word. He currently hosts Revival Explosion TV program that is broadcast to Finland, Estonia, and Sweden via TV7 and also TBN Russia which reaches to 186 nations.

He presides Revival Explosion Ministries, leads Faith Connection Church in Richmond, VA, and has also established Revival Explosion School of Ministry in order to equip believers from all walks of life. In the past 9 years Hermes has ministered in around 30 nations, always bringing a message of revival to the church and salvation to the lost. He is also an author of books and has recently released a book called “Manifesting Kingdom Power” which has also been translated to other languages.

It is Hermes’ desire to raise a group of believers that understand their identity as children of God and walk in the authority of His kingdom on the earth. He currently resides with his wife Gabriella Falcao in Richmond, VA.