Grow in Your calling  and tap into a new dimension of revelation in the Word!

Go deeper into who you are in Christ, and be transformed by biblical teaching that will change your life!


Get Activated on your faith!

Now all modules of the Miracle School together! Over 50 hours of video teaching with 50% discount!

  • Identity in Christ.
  • The Gifts of the Spirit.
  • The Supernatural & the Bible
  • The Blood of Jesus
  • Prayer
  • Healing & Miracles 
  • Much more!
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Flow with the Supernatural

Learn biblical principles that will unlock a supernatural walk:

  • Be free from lies that block you.
  • Get rid of spiritual myths that stop you.
  • Biblical Truth on healing, prophecy, supernatural manifestations, and more.
  • All classes on video teachings on demand! You study at your own pace and schedule!
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 Who is this School for?  

All who are hungry for God!

  • Those who desire to grow spiritually.
  • Those who want to be used by God in a practical way.
  • Those who want to have their faith activated.  
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The whole School for only 3 installments of $35!

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What students are saying...

“This school is wonderful! I've received great impartation from God through these teachings. I grew in confidence after watching the classes and started seeing miracles in my ministry! I highly recommend it to those who want to grow in authority.

Raquel Alves,


“These teachings lit a fire inside of me! My prayer life has gone to another level. If you want to kill religion, get on fire for Jesus and prepare yourself to fulfill the Great Commission, you must sign up NOW!

Michelle Freyre

Denver - Colorado, US

Since I started the Revival Explosion Miracle School, my life has been really transformed. The teachings have opened my understanding about my identity in Christ, my faith has grown, and I have learned many things from the Bible in a living, powerful, and inspirational way. I recommend these classes to anyone who is seeking greater understanding, wants to go to another level of faith, and want the fire of God!

Piia Valtanen

Mynamaki, Finland 

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Learn the most common ways God speaks according to Scriptures and how you can sharpen your spiritual discernment!