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Being You: The Pathway To Discover Your True Identity

[ Powerful new book by Pastor Hermes Falcao Jr. that gives further insight on the revelation of who we are in Christ]

After reading you will:

  • [ Understand what the Bible says about the NEW YOU ]
  • [ Identify what you need to change]
  • [ Gain a new sense of confidence and authority]


What People Are Saying:

"I guarantee if you take the revelation that God has given to Hermes and apply it to your life, you will experience a life you never dreamed would possibly exist for you."

Carlos Sarmiento - OHOP Director

"The revelation discussed within "Being You" uncover the legitimate power and authority granted through the cross of Christ."

Chris Zinchuk (YWAM Virginia Director)

"This book carries a strong mark of the Holy Spirit and His powerful anointing" Victoria Nikitina-Shin - TBN Russia President

Victoria Nikitina-Shin