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The classes for this course combine both teaching of the Word with a tremendous outpouring of the Spirit of God.


A Supernatural Bible-based online experience that will take you to a new dimension on your spiritual life! 

See what some students are saying about the courses:



Once signed up you will receive a login and password along with all info to access the video classesTopics Include: Identity in Christ, Healings & Miracles Today, Demonology & Deliverance, Intimacy with God, The Prophetic gift, Kingdom Finances, and much more.We currently have students registered from 7 different nations in this Online Course who are testifying of great growth in their spiritual life. You can start the course at any time and study according to your time available.

See what some students are saying:


“This School has been significant, inspirational, and encouraging for me. The teachings are anointed and Bible-based. Everything I learned has become real in my life on the very next day! I recommend you to join the School and get ignited!”
Ilkka Martikainen ,
Laapeeranta, Finland

It has been an absolute privilege to have subscribed on this Revival Explosion Online School. It is stoking the FIRE in me. My prayers and ministry have already gone to another level! The Lord is renewing my foundation through these teachings! If you want to kill religion, get fired up for JESUS, and be ready to GO, then you need to sign up now!
Michelle Freyre,
Denver, Colorado – United States

Since I started the Revival Explosion Online School, my life has been really transformed. The teachings have opened my understanding about my identity in Christ, my faith has grown, and I have learned many things from the Bible in a living, powerful, and inspirational way. I recommend these classes to anyone who is seeking greater understanding, wants to go to another level of faith, and want the fire of God!

Piia Valtanen Mynamaki, Finland

I decided to subscribe to the online school right after Pastor Hermes Jr. preached at my church. God spoke to me in a powerful way and I was baptized in the Holy Spirit on that service (something I had been really asking God for). That was amazing! I am so grateful I joined the online classes as I found out my calling and who I truly am in Christ. All classes really encouraged and motivated me to go deeper in God and I started having fresh experiences with Him. I highly recommend it to everyone!

Denise Andrade Manaus, Brazil

Online School Pricing Options

Choose the modules you want. If you do all of them you will receive a certificate from Revival Explosion Ministries you have finished the courses.

Identity In Christ - Part 1



7 Classes Included

You will get instant access to the video classes and be able to login with a  password you create.


Identity In Christ - Part 2



7 Classes Included

On Part 2 of Identity in Christ, Pastor Hermes Falcao Jr. continues to unveil more revelation on our identity in Christ as well as explain how Jesus wants us to act once we have knowledge of these truths. You will be encouraged and built up on your faith as you dive deeper into these powerful studies! Get ready to receive an impartation of boldness as you watch these teachings.


The Gifts of the Spirit



6 Classes Included

What exactly are the gifts of the Spirit? Are these for today? If so, how do I know they are for me? 

      These are just some of the questions answered on these enlightening and powerful classes. You will learn biblically the classifications and meanings of each particular gift according to the scriptures as well as learn how you can flow in the gifts you receive from God. That will bless you tremendously and give you Biblical insight along with awesome real-life experiences and testimonies that are shared throughout the course. Get ready to be challenged and empowered by a Bible-based anointed teaching that will propel you further on your walk with God!


Healings & Miracles Today



9 Classes Included

Do you desire to see God’s healing power flowing through your life? Can every believer pray for the sick? What was Paul’s thorn in the flesh? 

There are many questions that come to mind when we talk about healing in the church. These great sessions will build your faith for healing with a strong biblical basis and answer many of your questions regarding that important subject. 

Get ready to have your faith stretched as you watch solid teaching and hear amazing testimonies of what Jesus is doing today!


Prayer & Intimacy with God - Part 1



6 Classes Included

God has given us a way communication with Him called prayer. On Part 1 of this course you will learn about the importance of develop a prayer life and how you can grow into knowing the Lord better in a practical way.

You will hear wonderful experiences by Pastor Maria Falcao that will build your faith and give you even a greater desire to go deeper into the things of God.


Prayer & Intimacy with God Part 2



6 Classes Included

On this Part 2 of Prayer & Intimacy with God, you will learn more keys on how to maintain your prayer life and be active on intercession. These practical classes will inspire you and build your faith for more! There are wonderful testimonies that will make you even more excited about your prayer and its results. 

We believe this course will give you a great foundation by which you can build your prayer life upon. This is much more than head knowledge and we know you will be blessed by applying the principles you learn through these video classes. 


The Supernatural & the Bible

Now $39.99


Was $75.00

7 Classes Included

These classes are power-packed with awesome information that will help you understand the supernatural power of God in the Bible as well as now! 

Have you ever wondered how to explain certain aspects of the supernatural with the right theology?

This course will help you to have a biblical basis for the supernatural and bring you greater revelation that will cause you to go deeper in God! 

  Get ready to be challenged and equipped!


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