Since 2011 Hermes Falcao Jr. began ministering on different TV stations around the world preaching and being interviewed. In 2013 Revival Explosion Ministries started broadcasting its own programs in Finland on TV7. After that, the broadcasts only grew and now we broadcast weekly on TV7 which goes to Finland, Sweden, and Estonia by TV and many more nations online. We also broadcast on TBN Russia every Tuesday which goes to Russia and 186 nations through TV.

The TV episodes focus on preaching the gospel, teaching the Word, ministering salvation, healing, deliverance, and edifying believers through interviews, miracle clips, sermons, etc. Many have been blessed and even saved and healed through the episodes.

We are currently expanding our TV ministry as we have the invitation to start broadcasting in other networks including a TV channel in Pakistan which covers the whole Middle East and the Arabic Nations. You can partner with us so we can upgrade and advance this area of the ministry which is much needed! Take a look at some episodes:


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